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It's Hard Staring at the Cyclops

The value video brings to an organization is understood-- but there's more to it than just hiring a videographer with great equipment. You need a speaker. Someone who talks to the camera and tells your story. Whoever it is (you, an employee, a board member) needs to be charismatic and comfortable in front of the camera so that the video is powerfully authentic and convincing. Essentially, this person needs to be both compelling and comfortable while staring at the cyclops.

The top 2 ways to do this:

What is the cyclops?

The cyclops is the camera lens. You know, that big black eyeball you're supposed to talk to naturally as if it's another person.

So, what if the idea of staring at a cyclops is awkward to you? What if looking at a camera and connecting with an imaginary audience causes you to stumble over your words? What if everyone on your team is nervous about the idea of being on camera?

Below, we explain the top 2 ways we create powerful and authentic video interviews in the face of that robotic monster (for both those being interviewed and those behind the camera).

1. Make it normal. 

If you're comfortable and relaxed during a shoot, you will come across as confident, authentic, and convincing. This is easier said than done. We have found that having a conversation between the interviewer and interviewee works best. By taking the focus off the camera, lights, etc. it feels like a normal conversation where authenticity thrives.

For interviewers: Talk to the folks being interviewed before you start recording or ask a few easy questions you may not even use at the beginning of the interview. Even better? Don't just stick to a list of questions but talk conversationally. This often yields the best results.

For those being interviewed: Just be you. That is probably the reason why you are being interviewed in the first place. Be confident in your answers because what you are saying is valuable!

2. Rehearse your story. 

If you've practiced what you want to say and how you want to say it, it'll be second nature to rehearse it all while looking into the camera lens. This may seem like common sense, but a lot of people struggle when it comes time to concisely and confidently share with others in a compelling way.

We love the pre-production meetings we have with our clients that practice interview questions and coach them. We write interview questions that play to our client's strengths and are focused on telling their compelling story based on our conversations during these meetings. Through creating familiarity and knowing the story, we come prepared to film and our clients come more comfortable and ready. It has created many great videos because of how comfortable our clients feel talking to us.

Bonus Tip: Try not to rush. Make sure to take time both before and during the shoot to make the video powerful and effective. 

If you have video needs but are nervous about the idea of being on camera, schedule a conversation with BSP! We would love to get to know you and help you create content that connects you with your audience.

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