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Why a Content Subscription?

Cost Savings

A content subscription allows you to have access to immediate and continual savings. It cuts down on everything from pre-production costs to having footage on hand for quick projects. This allows you to not have to go through the long assimilation process for each video you want to create. It is instead, fast, easy, simple, and head-ache-free.

Brand Familiarity

Each time you want a video made, not having to go out and have a production company learn your business or get the feel of the video wrong for your business, pays dividends. Working with Big Squirrel consistently will allow us to know you and you to know us. This means there is consistency in how projects look, their tone, and their focus. 


Calendars can get crazy and hectic. With a content subscription, you receive priority when it comes to reserving time to create your content, whether shooting or editing. You also can quickly schedule or reschedule film dates if things change. A content subscription will allow you to have peace of mind because you have the flexibility to have us when you need us.

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